A Record of Success
Across a Diverse Global Set of Clients
A listing of some of the successes clients have had in using our software.
Leading Investment Bank and Reporting Workbench–AccessPoint - One of the top 10 global investment banks successfully uses our Reporting Workbench and AccessPoint software to reliably create, distribute, and provide secure online access to reports for all types of sensitive operational data. Using our software has allowed this client to easily create consistent presentable reports from data sources covering a broad range of both internal systems and vendor based systems. Using the software has allowed the client to implement a consistent and controlled centralized distribution process for reports created by Reporting Workbench as well as for content sourced from other systems across their firm.

The results achieved by this client in using our software include:
  • The ability to accurately create and distribute large volumes of reports daily across a global user base which includes thousands of internal and external users—with minimal IT support staff.
  • The ability to achieve 100% reliability over an eight year period for processes which create reports from internal data, divide sensitive information by client ownership, distribute reports and other content, and provide secure controlled on-line access to reports and other content.
  • A significant reduction in both the time required to create new types of reports as well as the time required to onboard clients into existing reporting processes.
  • A significant reduction in the number of staff required to support customer queries related to the firm’s reporting.
  • A reduction in risk through the elimination of manual processes where staff email sensitive information directly to clients.
Insurance Industry and Control Workbench–Reporting Workbench - One of the largest global insurance groups successfully uses our Control Workbench and Reporting Workbench software to reliably perform large volumes of data reconciliation and data validation processes. Covering the full spectrum of insurance industry data, using our software has allowed this client to implement a streamlined consistent process for identifying data validation and data consistency issues across a broad range of systems and environments.

The results achieved by this client in using our software include:
  • Over a 75% reduction in the time required to identify and report on all types of data consistency-correctness issues.
  • The ability to implement large numbers of control processes across an extensive range of systems, projects, and environments—with no software development and minimal impact on their IT resources and infrastructure.
  • Gained efficiencies in the allocation of resources through the implementation of consistent processes for all different types of data reconciliation and data validation processes.
  • The ability to reliably process millions of records daily over extended periods of time with no system related issues.
“The n-Tier solution automated our data comparisons and validation processes, reducing resource time for these tasks by over 75%. The efficiencies gained allow valuable resource time to be focused on exceptions and their resolution."

"The n-Tier team provided a viable alternate solutions to handle difficult validations and were extremely responsive and efficient in enhancing their product to meet our needs.“

- Solutions Specialist
Secure Online Access to Content and AccessPoint - A Leading South African firm uses our AccessPoint software to provide secure online access to all types of content across a broad range of clients and users. Using our AccessPoint software has allowed this client to provide their clients and users with continuous reliable access to the information they rely on with minimal investment of time and resources.

The results achieved by this client in using our software include:
  • The ability to easily provide staff and clients with a secure single point of access for all types of content.
  • The implementation of an efficient process for securely distributing content across a large and diverse set of users which saves time, eliminates the risk of sensitive content being accessed by the incorrect individuals, and keeps users up-to-date with the latest version of documents regardless of their location.
  • The ability to provide clients with a professional quality environment for accessing their information which is secure, easy to use, and reliable.
Benefits Reconciliation and Control Workbench–Reporting Workbench - A global leader in the fuel services industry successfully uses our Control Workbench software to automate their benefits reconciliation process. Using our software has allowed this global organization to completely automate the benefits reconciliation process across their entire firm. Producing a streamlined process which automatically compares information from all their benefits providers against data from their accounting system and their payroll systems identifying and reporting on instances where benefits related charges are inaccurate.

The results achieved by this client in using our software include:
  • Produced a streamlined process for reconciling all different types of benefits information reducing the time required to perform reconciliations each month from hours to minutes.
  • Led to a significant improvement in the process of identifying invalid charges due to incorrect benefits information and produced a streamlined process for claiming funds back from individual providers when charges were incorrect.
  • Enabled the entire benefits reconciliation and reporting process to be automated quickly without the need for any software development.
"The n-Tier solution reduced our monthly reconciliation process from hours to minutes by automating the data comparison tasks. We can now focus our valuable time on errors & exceptions instead of the reconciliation itself."

"Control Workbench provides a consistent & reliable platform to reconcile any two or more systems; it helped us exceed our internal audit requirements."

- Corporate Controller
The Mobile Sales Force and AccessPoint for iPad - Leading Canadian industrial firm uses our AccessPoint software to provide its mobile sales force with continuous access to a range of sales and training material directly on their iPad devices.

The results achieved by this client in using our software include:
  • The ability to provide its mobile sales team with continuous access to large volumes of sales material directly on their individual iPad devices.
  • The ability to provide their sales staff with a professional iPad app for accessing and managing their content.
  • The creation of a streamlined process for keeping its sales team up-to-date with changes to content and sales information.
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