Reliable. Feature rich. And fully automated.
Presentation-ready Reports at a click of a button.
Creating or modifying reports from existing data is a time consuming process. From juggling inconsistencies found in different data sources resulting in custom code, to the inability to divide complex data with 100% accuracy and in a transparent manner provides significant risks. That’s why n-Tier offers a professional reporting solution that delivers quality reports automatically from your data without the need for costly and time-consuming software development.

With n-Tier’s Reporting Workbench, you can generate reports automatically from your data in presentation-ready formats consistent with your brand and corporate image.
  • Instantly organize, summarize and present your data in any format you like
  • Reliable segment your data by client or group with no programming required
  • Create reports across any and all sources of data
  • Automatically generated professional and client-ready with no additional modification required
Streamline reporting from creation through distribution – Fully integrated with our AccessPoint software using Reporting Workbench enables you to completely streamline your entire report creation and distribution process.
Create and distribute confidential reports securely and reliably – When reporting on information which is confidential in nature the combination of Reporting Workbench’s data segregation technology and AccessPoint’s content distribution and access controls provides a solid proven infrastructure which ensures your reports contain only the correct data and are distributed to only authorized individuals.
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